Help increasing visibility of server


Hello and first of all.. sorry to don´t know russian.

I want to ask everyone who knows..

I have my gameserver.

How can i increase the visibility in steam groups panel as has ??
Maybe renting some external service or i don´t know.

HEEEELP !!! :(


cant tell about serv but know for sure that many steam groups were extended by steam bots (sending auto-invites) - well these fastly growth 10k+ communities... Open info that "High Skill" group were built such ways, well its kinda funny thats then they are ended also by such reasons blaming each others who helped and who didnt


Staff member
Natan, yes, you can buy place in steam groups panel. But this only works for no-steam servers [#] (RUS link)
Actually we don't use this method for our servers since the beginning of 2016 year.